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Sally Pursley
624 Myra Ave.
Chula Vista, CA 91910-6230
Feb. 8, 2002

Dear Family,

I have had the letter for a week now, so will try to get it on its way. My friends were here from Utah for a week and then I left with them for two days. They have been here several times when the letter arrives.

Was good to hear about everyones doings. Tim the girls are so cute! Aren't you glad you have all that money so you can do all those wonderful things for your children?

Where is Annt Betsey? My Xmas card came back..

Sorry we didn't get to see you Roma when we were in Tempe for the Fiesta Bowl. Our sympathies are with you in the loss of your Mother Jan. We did have a great time. It was also a great game. We spent New Years Eve with a friends daughter and her husband. Our kids grew up together. But I hadn't seen Margarets kids since their weddings many years ago. Now Susan is a Grandma. The boys hadn't seen her for even longer than me. It was very nice.

Kristen got a new laptop for Xmas, and was kind enough to give me her desk top computer. It will take a while for me to get the hang of it, but I am going to take some lessons. My friend from Utah, Jack and my neighbor Lee put my computer desk together Fri and Sat. So it is set up and I can play Solitare. First things first.

Bethany and I really enjoyed our visit back East.. It was good to see so many at the reunion. Had such nice visits with my brothers and their families. Mitchell is so cute Shellie. Sorry to hear that Fred had to go overseas so soon after you bought your house. Sorry we didn't get to see you Jenny. Kamryn is so cute. Terry how is your latest grandson?

I am staying busy as always and am grateful to God for my good health. Hadn't seen my old neighbor from Escondido for the last couple of years, and went to her husbands funeral Wed and was shocked to see that she has Lou Gehringís disease. She can no longer speak and is fed by a stomach tube. Jim & Rick, that is Betty Laraalere. She is only 2 and one half years older than me. Kind of shakes you up.

Have been working in my yard getting it ready for spring. put in 120 bulbs in Jan. and pruned all my 40 some roses and added 5 new ones. Should look nice about Easter time or maybe a little later.

I am looking forward to the opening Olympic ceremony tonight.

It was a great Super Bowl this year. Bet you were thrilled too Percy to see the Patriots win, Iím going to Parker Dam to spend four days with my friends and then I am going to Jimís the last week of March. Then I may stay home for a while.

My love to all, Sally