Round Robin
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The Mickey family has a long tradition of sharing news with one another through "the Robin". A package of letters is passed between family members in a prescribed route, from the descendants of Joseph Clark Mickey by order of their birth, and within the descendants family from oldest to youngest. Each of us read the letters written since we last had it, discard the letter we wrote last time, add a new letter to the pile and pass it on to the next in line.

Like Christmas, the arrival of Robin is much anticipated and cherished. To sit down and read each letter affirms our family bond. It brings news of births, graduations and marriage as well as the more mundane changes in our daily life. It is often the only chance we take to say "hello, I'm thinking about you" to cousins, aunts and uncles.

It has been my personal goal to bring these letters to the Internet, where anyone can read them and enjoy the spirit of togetherness they bring to me. I hope in this way to bring the next generation of Mickey's in to the fold, and expand the span of Robin's flight. One side of me also worries that this might spoil the anticipation of receiving the letter, or change the experience, or invade the privacy of the author. I would hope not, but I am anxious to hear your views. If you would prefer to have your letter excluded from our website, please let me know and I will respect your wishes.

You can click on the names which are underlined in this list to see letters or pictures that person included with the Robin. I would like to apologize for those which are poor quality. We will be able to improve things with a little practice! You are welcome to contribute any suggestions or comments on the message board or by sending me an email.

Joseph Clark Mickey

  1. Ethel Mickey
  2. Florence Mickey
  3. George Mickey / Sarah Latshaw
    1. Percy 2002
      Percy 2006
    2. Sally 2002
      Sally 2001
      1. Jim 2002
        Jim 2007
      2. Rick 2002
        Rick 2001
      3. Brad 2002
        Brad 2001
    3. Skip 2002
      Skip 2007
      1. Dav 2007
        Dav 2002
        1. Jen 2002
          Jen 2001
      2. Dan 2002
        Dan 2007
      3. Cindy 2002
        Cindy 2007
      4. Rich 2002
        Rich 2007
  4. Byron Stookey / Sara Mae (Cricket) Mickey
  5. Joseph Mickey / Dorcas Wolford
    1. Max 2001
      Max 2000
    2. Alice 2001
    3. Roma 2002
      Roma 2000
    4. Carol 2001
      Carol 2000
    5. Terry 2001
      Terry 2000
  6. Sam Mamula / Enid Mickey
  7. Joseph Hennigan / Gladys (Patsy) Mickey
    1. Dave 2001
      Dave 2000
      1. Lisa 2001
        Lisa 2000
    2. Pete 2001
      Pete 2000
      Pete 2006
      1. Cheri 2006
      2. Debbie 2006
      3. Laurie 2006
    3. Barbara 2001
      Barbara 2006
  8. Walter Mickey / Anne Medert
    1. Tim 2001
      Tim 2006
  9. Wesley Mickey / Betsy Vickrock
    1. Joe 2001
      Joe 2006
  10. Raymond Brubaker / Dorothy (Jeanne) Mickey
    1. Jeanne 2001
      Jeanne 2006
      1. Jim 2001
        Jim 2006