S&T, Found the transposer! Had it for years. It's title faked me out.
Adobe Photo was the right one.
We're watching, "The Andy Williams Show". Great guy (old show, of course). Not stuck on himself.
That reminded me of something I'd like to share with the Mickey Clan Site viewers:

In Waterford, where the Joe Mickey kids grew up, there were many relatives in town and on farms outside of town. One of my favorite guys was an Andy Williams looking guy, (named Roy Weimer) in his 30's. He was handsome and was the Sunday School Superintendent of the Methodist Church at the lower end of town, (Waterford pop. 1940's, 200-300). His bashful smile was a hallmark of his personality. Single, on purpose, taking care of his parents and their farm. (Charlie Weimer, I believe).

When I was a young boy, I met his big brother Ed Weimer in Jenkintown. He was a "big shot" to us since he lived in a big house in Jenkintown, near Philly. I remember our family visiting him once. He was V.P. of Asplundh Tree company. Ed hired Roy in the 40's to be a foreman of a Tree Clearing Division (high- tension lines). He was in charge of land clearing on electric Co. right of ways (towers for big transmission lines.) Every one was so pleased he found a beautiful lady and married her while working in the Athens, GA. area. Roy thought the world of her and she of him. One sunny day, his wife felt it necessary to personally deliver Roy's lunch to him on the job. While going to the work site, she crossed a train track, was hit by a train and was killed!

Roy was distraught and all alone in GA. near Athens. His family and mine were fearful of what he might do to himself. I had just finished my first year at Otterbein. Dad asked me if I would go down to GA. to work for Roy and, hopefully, be company for him. I did. He was depressed and somehow got permission to move the Land Clearing Division to the Blue Mountain area north of Carlisle, We did. We drove straight through with semi trucks hauling heavy equipment, a Dodge Power Wagon (service vehicle-I drove it) and other machines on trucks. After driving straight through (tough job for me) I wasn't used to loosing sleep, driving at night. We arrived in Carlisle late at night, stayed in a rooming house owned by a lady who was Jim Thorpe's landlady. Jim was big-time at Carlisle School for the Indians. She told me she fed him lots of coffee many mornings so he could "get in shape" to go out and speak to High School students on "Clean Living for Athletes".

We cleared the power line right of way that summer. I lived in a tent along a river on the North side of Blue Mountain. Learned to drive a bulldozer (Cletrac) and a Turner Dozer. I also got to know Roy very well. He was a good boss. Roy was dad's first cousin. I sang at a funeral in Roy's church when I was 12. I also talked to Coach Wally Butts, U Of Ga. (while in Athens) who had offered me a scholarship as the result of a game played at Ligonier against Dale Borough. The Los Angeles Rams were at our game, (they used our field to practice for a game that Sunday with the Steelers). Tom Harmon and Bob Waterfield played then. I had my picture taken with them. Harmon quit pro ball after the Steeler game. Waterfield taught me how to place kick more efficiently. The Rams formed a cheer leading group and inspired us to play at our best which resulted in me playing over my head that day and the subsequent letter from Wally Butts, my sophomore year. I lost track of Roy while in Europe but wanted you all to know he did the Mickey-Weimer clan an admirable job. A good Christian and a good man.

Max Mickey 12/2/01